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Swimming Pool Pump

Your Swimming Pool Pump is the heart of your Swimming Pool system and is responsible for keeping your pool sparkling clean. Without a Swimming Pool Pump your pool water would simply become dirty, stagnant and full of bacteria. Pool Pumps prevent this by circulating water combined with chemicals that keep your pool hygienically clean and clear.

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How Swimming Pool Pumps Operate?

Swimming Pool Pumps are self-priming pumps. These Pumps require a vacuum chamber, known as Pump Housing. The housing has to have water for the pump to create a vacuum. This will cause the Swimming Pool Pump to circulate the water. The Pump Housing will have water while the pump is running, and will retain allot of water once the pump is switched off.

When you turn on the pump the motor will begin to rotate on high speed. The motor drives the pump impeller, located inside the pumps center portion at the opposite end, away from the electrical switch portion of the motor. While the motor is rotating, the tips of the impeller are sealed hydraulically inside of the pump diffuser, this allows self-priming to occur.

Self-priming Swimming Pool Pumps are simple in design and highly reliable.Swimming Pool Pumps need adequate supply of water with no air in the suction lines.Pool Pumps must be kept free of dirt and debri. The location of the Swimming Pool Pump must be safe from flooding and heavy rain fall.

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Types Of Swimming Pool Pumps

Swimming Pool Pumps are available in a variety of different sizes, speeds and energy options. The type of Swimming Pool Pump needed for a particular pool, is defendant on the capacity of the pool. Before attempting to buy a Swimming Pool Pump, we suggest seeking professional guidance and advise, or give us a call on 081-344-0383. Swimming Pool Pumps also come with added extras like a pool pump timer which will save you on that electricity bill. The average lifespan of most pool pumps is approximately eight to ten years before it might need replacement.

Swimming Pool Pumps

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Swimming Pool Pump Installations

Swimming Pool Pump Installations won’t take longer than a day to complete, depending on the size of the swimming pool and pump. The Swimming Pool Pump will need to be installed as close as possible to an outside power outlet and the swimming pool pump and power need to be installed as close as possible to one another.

Pool Pump Services

We offer the following Swimming Pool Pump Services: Swimming Pool Pump Maintenance. Swimming Pool Pump Repairs and Swimming Pool Pump Installations. Our team are highly skilled and qualified to offer these services as well as provide you with any advise you may need.